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fredag 19 mars 2010

The Runaways vs Män som hatar kvinnor

Idag har både THE RUNAWAYS - om 70-talsbandet, förstås - och MÄN SOM HATAR KVINNOR premiär i USA. Åtminstone den sistnämnda har fått (överraskande) lysande kritik.
Jag läste nyss Roger Eberts recensioner av de två filmerna - och han lyckas länka ihop dem.

Ur recensionen av THE RUNAWAYS:

"An all-girl rock band is named and trained by a rock manager of dubious sexuality, goes on the road, hits the charts, has a lesbian member and another who becomes a sex symbol, but crashes from drugs. This is the plot of a 1970 film named 'Beyond the Valley of the Dolls,' which inadvertently anticipated the saga of the Runaways five years later. Life follows art." (Ebert skrev manus till denna Russ Meyer-film)
"Another new movie this week, 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' from Sweden, has a role for a young, hostile computer hacker. (Kristen) Stewart has been mentioned for the inevitable Hollywood remake. Reviewing that movie, I doubted she could handle such a tough-as-nails character. Having seen her as Joan Jett, I think she possibly could."

Ur recensionen av MÄN SOM HATAR KVINNOR:

"The novel, one of a trilogy which Stieg Larsson completed before his untimely death at 44 in 2004, was an international best-seller. It is destined to be remade by Hollywood. That remake may turn out to be a good film, but if I were you I'd be sure to watch this version. The Hollywood version will almost certainly tone down the sexual violence. I can't think of an American actress who could play Lisbeth. Kristen Stewart, who I respect, has been mentioned. Dakota Fanning. I dunno. A younger Jodie Foster, maybe. Someone able to play hard as nails and emotionally unavailable. Make her a Swede, and simply cast Noomi Rapace."