onsdag 26 januari 2011

Övernaturligt 70-talsraffel i Sverige

The Groovy Age of Horror heter en fantastisk blogg som tar upp de mest bisarra populärkulturella fenomen från 1970-talet. Mest skräckfilm, italienska skräckporrserier och kioskböcker. Som till exempel neanstående recension, som jag snor på fräckaste sätt. Oj, den här boken måste man ju försöka skaffa på något sätt...

via The Groovy Age of Horror av Curt Purcell den 2011-01-24

And the groovy horror continues! Dr. Orient, in need of funding to continue his psychic research, jet-sets off to Sweden to make a presentation to the Society for Extranormal Exploration. He wins not only the grant, but also the affections of his only competition for the money--a beautiful young prophetess. It's a little more complicated than that, though, since she's inextricably involved in a series of sexual rituals with a man who, in a past life, murdered Orient. Oh, then there's the suicide of SEE's founder. Then the members of SEE begin to be murdered, one by one. And then there's the werewolf, who infects Orient with the curse . . .

I'm impressed, so far, at how each novel in this series strikes off in its own direction, slightly different from those before it. Orient remains an interesting hero, with each novel revealing and exploring new strengths, flaws, and facets of his personality.


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