onsdag 8 december 2010

Det är trevligt att vara älskad

Jag brukar få ett par sådana här mail i veckan. Det står aldrig VAR de hittat mig. Dagens var ovanligt kärleksfullt. Tråkigt för henne att jag inte vill veta av henne.

nice to meet you.

My name is mariama ,how are you today, i just went through your profile  for love, I have no options than letting you Know I saw your profile today on a site.

that is why i wish to have a relationship with you, I will also like to Know you more,i will be very great full to have you as my loved one.so you can reply back to me through this address and i will also send you my pictures.

I believe we can move from here. But bear in mind that Love has no colors barrier, no educational back ground barrier,religious, language, nationality or distance barrier,the only important Thing there is love.

Thanks for your cooperation.

from mariama.

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