söndag 20 december 2009

...Och vad har våra vänner på The Asylum för sig nu, då?

"There’s been some comment on the internet about our release called PARANORMAL ENTITY and why is hasn’t been posted on our website until now.

This has been a sensitive issue for all of us:

A few weeks ago we were approached by surviving members of the Finley family who asked us to release never-before-seen home video footage shot by Thomas Finley, who was accused of murdering his sister, Samantha (pictured) in 2008, and who later took his own life in prison.

The family has always maintained that Thom was innocent of the crime and that Samantha’s tragic death was not caused by anything human.

Watch PARANORMAL ENTITY on December 22, 2009 and decide the truth for yourself.

Actual footage of the events leading to the 2008 "murder" of Samantha Finley. This DVD, released against the wishes of the authorities, proves that nothing human caused Samantha's death."

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