onsdag 2 december 2009

Från oss alla till er alla

Ibland hittar man saker man bara måste dela med sig av. Som den här ljudboken. Gratis från våra vänner på Harlequin! Om det är någon som orkar ladda ner och lyssna på den, så kom gärna med ett utlåtande - jag har förstås inte pallat.
Men visst låter det lockande:

Rugged Dino Angelis, navy captain and special ops agent, has the family Sight. But even that couldn't have prepared him for his hungry reaction to Cat McGuire - toy-store owner, smuggling ring suspect...and his new charge.

Only, Dino can't believe the sexy woman under his protection is a crook. Not when she can plant a kiss hot enough to melt all his good intentions....

For Cat, Christmas is always a hectic season. But this year she's agreed to a fake engagement, too, just to keep the family peace. It wouldn't be so bad, if only Cat could keep her hands off her new fiancé. After all, he's strong, he's sexy...he's the perfect boy toy. Or he is - until Cat discovers she's just another one of his assignments....

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