onsdag 30 december 2009

Förhoppningsvis årets sista dödsfallsrapport...!

Från Fangiorias redaktör Tony Timpone:

Dear Friends,It's with heavy heart that I tell you that our friend, Chas. Balun, has passed away after a long battle with cancer. Details can be found here: http://www.fangoria.com/home/news/15-rip/4872-rip-chas-balun-1948-2009.htmlYou can send your condolences to his widow, Pat Petric, here:pat.petric@yahoo.comor here:8452 CarnegieWestminster, CA 92683Chas. was a great writer, friend and good human being. He will truly be missed. If you can forward this sad news to any of Chas.' colleagues, Pat would appreciate it. Thank you.Tony

Chas Balun... Mannen son Charlie Sheen trodde sålde snuff!

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